God has promised to save all.


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If Biblical pre-destination is truly valid - and God cannot be a liar - then surely all will eventually be saved.

Anyway, atheists and other "total opponents" would surely also bring this up - rightfully so.


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I hate to break it to you. But all will not be saved according to the bible. There will be many that will be cast into Hell and there shall be no hope for them. It's quite unfortunate because God's mercy is abundant but many people choose to go the other way and not give him a chance. We put ourselves in this Hell hole and now we have to get ourselves out. But those who choose to seek havoc and evil will in the end have no hope. They will be forever lost to eternal damnation where there's nothing that can be done for them. But it's our job as Christians to save as many as we can. The Devil is the reason for this. And it's every reason to destroy the devil. We will have our chance soon enough to destroy the devil once and for all. Then generation after generation of new children as they become adults will no longer have to worry about there being a Hell. I'm not a huge bible buff but I know that this is what the bible speaks of