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Is Heaven and Hell Fire Real
This has been a major debate in the world as far as I'm concerned. Christians believe they both exist with faith based on the teachings in the Bible, while atheists doesn't believe in such arguing that there is no way to confirm if such exist, whether it's a ploy employed by the church to enslave its members.

What's your opinion on this?
Both heaven and hell fire are real 100%. It's true that the atheist have their own opinion and I respect that by the way but it doesn't change the belief of every Christian who believes in the words written in the Bible.

It's true that nobody have proof where hell or heaven exists but with faith in the lord and his words in the holy Bible, I believe. Hell fire and heaven are real and it's where our soul goes to when we die. Hell is for sinners while heaven is for the righteous.
There is no such thing as Heaven fire or even Hell fire for that matter, as far as I am concerned. They only made up that shit to make people stay in line, while ruling them in fear and it has proven to work from time immemorial.

I feel like if you really need to incorporate fear into religion just to get people to follow your path, then that is not religion in the first place. It is a brain washing cult and you need to stay as far away from it as possible.
I do believe in heaven and hell. Everywhere in the world people are proclaiming the word of God and if it wasn't there then this world would come to an end. That is according to me anyway.

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